LOTUS Belle tents

All our lotus bell tents are 5m round and can sleep from 1 to 4 people.

1 double and 2 singles or up to 4 singles.


Each tent has an electric supply for lighting, charging laptops and phones.


Our tents are all fully furnished with their own bespoke décor and lighting.

Self catering

Self catering & BBQ area  are available on site for glamping members along with a communal fire place and games area. 

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If you like your accommodation why not take it home with you?

For pricing and information please contact us at info@naturalevents.ie


Book one of our relaxing hot tubs under the stars with fresh water plunge pool.

Large tub for groups of 6-8 people also available.


Up-grade your stay by adding a personal BBQ or pizza oven and dough to cookout with your family and loved ones.


We also cater for events and weddings with full onsite glamping and camping for up to 150 people.


Lotus Belle

Lotus belle tents take glamping to another level of luxury with their high spacious walls and stylish curved roof, when you step inside for the first time you really feel like you are on holiday.

Our glamping tents are situated in and around our new orchard alongside old hazel woodland, looking back up at the Shehy mountains range.

If you love them as much as we do then why not take one home and really stand out on your next camping trip.

For full details follow the link below.



We will have 3 of these beautiful hot tubs installed into our bamboo forest, each tub has its own area surrounded by bamboo providing a private setting that opens up to the sky.

The tubs are situated along the river bank with fresh water plunge pool and communal sauna.

We also have a large tub for 6-8 people available.



Try out our Ooni pizza ovens and fresh dough, these ovens only take 30 minutes to heat up to be ready for use and only 60 seconds to cook a pizza.

Ideal for feeding one person or the whole family.


Or for a more traditional camping experience try out one of our beer barrel BBQ's and get the mouth watering over some nice tender meats and grilled veggies.


We also rent out our space for events of all shapes and sizes so whether you are planning your​ wedding, a christening, a small festival or an alternative event let us know and we will see what we can do for you.

Events must be booked a year in advance as our glamping attendance is very high and we have to make room in the calendar for you.

Full details of our events equipment at www.audiojack.ie

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