Stretch Tents

We have a range of stretch tents from 10x15m up to 30x15m.


We have site electric hook-ups for sound lighting and other facilities.

Car Parking

There is a large car park with drop off and collection point for busses 


On site glamping facilities are available for up to 150 people, we can also arrange shuttle bus to and from the local hotels.



Audio Jack

Audio Jack is our creative events company supplying everything from face painters, balloon modelling, sound systems, DJ's, stretch tents, stage & site lighting, custom made decor & stage design.

Catering for all styles of events from Festivals to Parties, Corporate events, Nightclubs, Bars & everything in between.


We have a strong creative passion and have made a name for ourselves through hi-end event solutions and custom made creative builds, as well as our range of pre-made bespoke designs our creative build team can design and make unique props and installations tailored to your events needs and requirements.