We will be hosting on site workshops and a number of different traditional crafts such as basketry, soap making, pottery, woodwork and candle making

Local sights

There are a host of local sights to see and explore all within a short drive or cycle from our site.

Games Area

By 2024 we will have an inside and outside games area as well as a kids playground.

Hot tubs

After a long day there is nothing better than a relaxing hot tub looking up at the stars on the river bank.



gougane barra

An area of wild and beautiful scenery, this magnificent Forest Park covers over 137 splendid hectares (339 acres). It is tucked in a lush valley at the edge of the Shehy mountains, the ideal place to hike, get in touch with nature, picnic and inhale the fresh air. Think Canadian Rockies with its sharp crags, high pine forests and panoramic views sweeping down the lake.

Gougane Barra.jpg

bamboo park

This unique exotic garden is one of the most attractive and interesting places to see in Glengarriff. With the mild climate in the area, 30 different species of bamboo, along with tree-ferns, palms and hydrangeas, fuchias, cosmos and 15 different species of eucalyptus thrive in the gardens. Amidst all of this you will find many romantic paths and breathtaking coastal views, a little oasis in the heart of West Cork.

You can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with delicious homemade cakes on the sunny terrace or buy a souvenir in the shop.

Glengarriff Nature Reserve

The name Glengarriff is derived from the Irish Gleann Gairbh which translates as the rough or rugged glen. The setting of Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve is spectacular, with the woods nestled in the sheltered glen opening out into Glengarriff Harbour.  Above the woods rise the Caha Mountains, with their dramatic layers of sheer rock.

Glengarriff Woods Nature Reserve covers some 300ha, with the dominant habitats being old oak woodland and young woodland which is regenerating in areas which have been cleared of non-native conifers over the last few years. The woods form one of the best examples of oceanic sessile oak woodland in Ireland, being rated at least as important as the Killarney oakwoods.  The Nature Reserve is part of the much larger Glengarriff Harbour & Woodlands Special Area of Conservation (SAC).



Lough Allua is a freshwater lake in County Cork with an area of 1.36 km² located beside Inchigeelagh and forms part of the River Lee. 

This is an amazing place for a day of relaxing fishing or a more adventurous kayaking tour.